Australian Singer songwriter Andy Sugarcane Collins
queensland bluesman sugarcane collins

Australian Singer Andy Collins

From the far north of Australia but with his musical roots embedded in the deep south of the USA, Sugarcane Collins is a one of a kind singer-songwriter-guitarist.

Inspired by the slashing delta blues of Charley Patton and Son House, the sparkling ragtime of Blind Blake and the powerful songster traditions of Leadbelly, Sugarcane sings passionately with a voice that is big and soulful, writes songs that are potent and rich with imagery and he spanks the guitar like no one else around. He started his career in the rough canefield pubs and dangerous waterfront bars of Cairns' famed and feared but now gone Barbary Coast and his 35 year career in far north Queensland is the stuff of local legend.

The 2014 Australian Blues Singer of the Year announces the US release of a new album titled

Going back to Clarksdale

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Sugarcane Collins added the "CHAIN" Award for 2014 Australian Blues Singer of the Year (male) to his impressive list of career awards compliments of the power packed vocals on his outstanding 2013 release
Downunder the Blues. This prestigious award surely confirms he is one of the very best solo bluesmen going round Australia today.

Sugarcane Collins - way down the river


Andy Collins Downunder the Blues

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The big voice the muscular guitar the masterful storytelling are once again used to great effect on this bold and brilliant work that delivers up a powerful new batch of songs that bristle with energy and originality. Back from Mississippi and with an eye on Australia the former Queensland Songwriter of the Year touches on everything from indigenous issues to old Australian folk songs, deaths on the roads, blue childhood days, environmental musings, menopause, relationship breakdowns and recalibrations and even a little lullaby for poor old mother earth.

Back in November 2006 Sugarcane released the remarkable
way down the river
to universal acclaim and on Thursday 7th February 2008 at the Australia Blues Music "CHAIN" awards held in Goulburn, NSW to honour excellence in blues recordings

way down the river
received the "CHAIN" Award for the 2007

Sugarcane Collins - way down the river

Sugarcane’s musical perspective has broadened with every album and his first two CD’s - both now out of print - were also rewarded with outstanding critical acclaim and an impressive collection of awards.


Australian Songwriters Association Folk / Acoustic
Song of the Year for ‘Pascoe River’ 1999
Queensland Blues Excellence Album of the Year 2000
Queensland Adult Contemporary Album of the Year 2000

Queensland Recording AssociationLAKE STREET SERENADE (2003)

Queensland Song of the Year 2004
Queensland Songwriter of the Year 2004
Queensland Blues/Roots Song of the Year 2004


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